Top 5 Motor Oil Products For Your Car

Motor oil is very important in order for your car to operate safely and effectively. How important is motor oil in the everyday operation of your vehicle? Without proper lubrication and cooling from motor oil your car’s engine will quickly overheat and spark causing damage to your engine and vehicle. This article will describe some of the characteristics of motor oil. It will also contain reviews of top motor oil products. The reviews will include basic information about the product that you should find useful and will contain product pros and cons.

As mentioned above in the introduction the main purpose of motor oil is to lubricate the engine’s moving parts and to keep them cool. Motor oil also helps to keep your engine parts clean. It also helps to prevent rust and deposits from forming on your engine which can hamper engine operation. So what are some of the important characteristics of oil that you should pay attention to? One characteristic is viscosity.

Viscosity is a measure of how resistant a liquid is to flow. Viscosity is important because you want motor oil to stay in between your engine and not flow out of your engine. Motor oil becomes thicker as the temperature decreases and becomes thinner as the temperature increases.

This is why motor oil must be viscous, because otherwise it will not maintain a layer of lubrication in your engine. When shopping for motor oil the number before the W represents how viscous the oil is during warm weather and the second number represents how viscous the oil is during cold weather. When purchasing motor oil, you should purchase a product that has the minimum viscosity that your car requires.

The higher the numbers a motor oil has the more resistant it will be to thickening and thinning. Another important characteristic that you should pay attention to is additives the motor oil has. Additives include things such as detergents, friction modifiers, antioxidants, rust inhibitors and anti-wear agents. Additives remove deposits, increase viscosity, prevent rust, protect metal parts, and can improve fuel economy.

Now that you have a basic understanding of motor oil and why it is important here are reviews of the top 5 motor oil products that we have found.

1. Mobil/Extended Performance Engine Oil SAE 5W-20 1 qt.
This is a synthetic oil. It is supposed to reduce engine wear and tear, prevent oil breakdown and increase the lifespan of your car’s engine. Unlike other oils, this oil can last for 15,000 miles between oil changes. It also cleans the engine.
Pros: Increases the lifespan of your engine and has a long interval between oil changes.
Cons: This oil is expensive when compared to other standard motor oil products.

2. Royal Purple/Heavy duty motor oil SAE 40 1 qt.
This is also a synthetic motor oil. It is designed for four cylinder gasoline and diesel engines. It is supposed to increase the horsepower and fuel economy of a vehicle. It also reduces emissions and protects the engine from wear and tear.
Pros: Environmentally friendly motor oil that increases the power and mileage you get out of your car’s engine.
Cons: This is an expensive motor oil to use.

3. Castrol/GTX High Mileage engine oil SAE 20W-50 1 qt
This is a mineral motor oil. It is supposed to extend the life of your car engine by minimizing engine wear and tear. It also has additives to prevent deposits from forming on your engine and seal conditioners to prevent leaks.
Pros: Extends the life of your vehicle’s engine. Has high viscosity meaning it can be used almost anywhere in the world.
Cons: Does not improve fuel economy. More expensive than standard motor oil products. Must do oil changes frequently with this motor oil.

4. Pennzoil/Platinum full synthetic engine oil SAE 5W-30 5 qt.
This is a synthetic motor oil. It is supposed to clean a dirty engine and keep it clean for the duration of its use. It prevents deposits and oxidation from forming even under extreme temperature conditions. This motor oil also protects your car’s engine against standard wear and tear.
Pros: One of the best motor oils for keeping your engine clean and in optimal condition. Good for use in extreme weather conditions such as deserts and arctic areas. Can increase engine performance.
Cons: This oil is expensive.

5. AutoZone/Engine oil SAE 5W-20 1 qt.
This is a mineral motor oil. It is designed to protect against regular wear and tear for vehicles with gasoline engines. It also prevents sludge buildup in your engine and makes it easier to start your car during cold weather.
Pros: Inexpensive, basic motor oil that gets the job done. Makes it easier to start your vehicle in the winter time when temperatures decrease.
Cons: Does not clean your engine as thoroughly as other motor oils do. Will not protect your engine from wear and tear as much as premium motor oils.

Monolec Industrial Lubricant: A Review

Using the proper oil for your engine means the difference in a smoothly running machine, whether it’s a car, boat, or piece of equipment. Oil is the material that keeps metal parts from grinding together and wearing down, and can also prevent dirt buildup in a piece of machinery.

Choosing lube oil can be a difficult task, as not only do lubricant oils come in various forms and varieties, but different industries and sectors have their own standards and regulations. Because of this, it is crucial that the right choice of lubricant is chosen for the right application.

Monolec is an exclusive, wear reducing additive which creates a lubricating film on metal surfaces, which increases the strength of the oil used. Using Monolec will allow opposing surfaces to glide by one another greatly reducing heat, friction and wear.

Monolec Industrial Lubricants are designed specifically for use in centralized lubrication systems. They contain both wear reducing and extreme pressure additives, are waterproof, and will not form permanent emulsions when moisture is present. They also contain special additives for rust prevention.

Users of Monolec Industrial Lubricants say that it is their secret to keeping their machines moving and also keeps the machines on good condition well after their shelf life. “This oil keeps the gears moving and also reduces oil consumption which saves me money”, says Albert B., one reviewer.

The base oil and additive formula are designed to work together. Clive G. says, “After one oil change I could see no sludge formation or deposits, which is unheard of in my experience.”

Monolec Industrial Oil meets or exceeds the requirements hydraulic systems, gear boxes, roll mill bearings, air compressors and vacuum pumps found in industries such as paper, plastic, rubber and textiles.

For many decades, suppliers of lubricants have been designed and formulating lubricants tailored to industrial application requirements. All lubricant oil should meet the technical requirements for dissipating heat, protection against corrosion and reducing wear and friction. However, it depends on the manufacturing processes and operating conditions specific to your industrial plant which could mean that the right lubricant for the job should produce a whole host of additional properties. As a result of so many variables, it is just as important to choose the right lubricant manufacturer as it is the right lubricant. Do your research before purchasing any lubricants, including talking to your equipment manufacturer for the best recommendations.