Polyurethane Adhesives For Automotive Applications

4The introduction of polyurethane adhesives has had a resounding effect on the automotive industry. The replacing of traditional fasteners by these new adhesives has significantly sped up production processes while improving over quality of work. The polyurethanes are also used for performing repairs and maintenance work. Many car owners cannot help but be skeptical when told that an adhesive is going to be used to repair and hold components together. This is not surprising since polyurethanes are relatively new.

Polyurethanes offer excellent bonding for various types of surfaces such as ceramics, glass, metals, plastics, rubber and wood. It can be used to bond different types of materials together. This versatility makes the adhesive a smart choice for improving the efficiency of the repairs and production while minimizing the operating cost.

Aside from its ability to bond various materials, polyurethane adhesives have other important characteristics. Polyurethanes have short curing time and strong initial bond. This allows the adhesive to perform the same way as traditional fasteners like nuts and bolts, rivets, and screws.

Polyurethanes have excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. Both are important characteristics needed for automotive applications since vehicles are often exposed to various elements and conditions. Some polyurethane adhesives are colorless which makes them well-suited for glass bonding applications. The strength and resilience of the adhesive allows it to withstand shocks and vibrations of vehicles.

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